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Polmet Display Sp. o.o.  is the  company founded in 2001. From that time  we have been working hard to create  well operating production company in  the field of  marketing promotional tools. We focus on creating and production of modern and professional  Point-Of-Sales solutions.

We gained  relevant experience in searching for  innovative ideas. So that,  we help to develop high quality customized products. We propose the best comprehensive solutions for professional exposition systems. Firstly, we  would like to show you the benefits your organization may get thanks to cooperating with us. The  solutions we propose are prepared on the base of initial information,  specific character of the market, product destination, consumer needs and target group of customer.


  • Stainless steel, Aluminum Carbon steel processing
  • Laser cutting
  • Robot and hand welding
  • Numerical sheet bending, pressing
  • Powder coating
  • Wire bending, welding
  • Galvanization( chroming,zinc plating)


  • Acrylic, Hips, Pet, ABS, PCV
  • Vacum forming
  • Laser cutting
  • CNC miling
  • Gluing, edge polishhing
  • Bending
  • UV printing



  • Wood, MDF, Chipboard
  • Cutting, miling
  • Laquering, polishing
  • Gluing
  • Engraving




We are a creative team consisting of people understanding nowadays market needs well

Comprehensive service

Our sales representative together with sales support team will assist  you at every stage of the project in a professional manner.


Qualifications of our employees and years of experience provides the high quality of our products.


Steadily modernized machinery and the purchase of new equipment enables to expand our manufacturing borders . Regular stuff training adapt their  skills to still changing market requirements.

We can do for You

Counter Displays

 Very often  our decision to buy something  is caused simply by an impulse at the checkout. Make your product available at the fingertips. Our stands are of the original form of communications and  are placed in a prominent shop place. Displays are easy to transport and install.

Floor Displays

We offer free standing display units made of strong and  permanent materials or temporary cardboard displays. Our designers will make your display original and distinguished among others.

Possibility to use all materials, thermoformed parts, overprint graphics and access to the  modern technologies  give us the tools to create  display with no shape limits.

Island Displays

Island displays are one of the most effective and spectacular ways of advertising in large supermarkets We make sure that your goods exposed in the best way, the display’s structure is stable and visually attractive. We offer islands displays according to the received design or according to our own project.

Build over supermarket shelves

We offer build-over shelves, shelfliners, wobblers, thermoformed trays and other elements to make your products visible in the supermarket boring shelving system.  Thanks to our experience we  make  your  products displayed in the market really well.

High effectiveness

Effective action and accurately selected solutions are the guarantee of your success.

Strong brand creation

A new level in communication will provide you a leading position  in your industry.

Individual approach

Each order is treated individually and with most attention. We are looking for already tested production methods specifically for you.

The main factor of our success is SUCCESS of  our customers!

Customers we have had the pleasure to work with.

The sales increase is at your fingertips

Trust the experts