Project Description

Master Design

We had a big pleasure to work on a project for  Polmos Company. The stand that we have designed is dedicated to Chopin which is a well-known brand and highly appreciated in the alcohol industry. The stand was made on the basis of MDF construction. It is characterized by attractive design and functionality.

The shape of the stand imitates the Chopin bottle. The designed stand is of four-sides for easy stocking and lots of  space for various alcohols. The shelves are decorated with logo of Chopin and a metal frame.

The mobility
The stand is equipped with wheels and brakes for easy movement of the stand.

Atrakcyjny wygląd

W stojaku zostało zamontowane podświetlenie ledowe. Taśmy ledowe przeprowadzone wzdłuż krawędzi kształtu butelki dają niepowtarzalny efekt. Materiał MDF użyty do wyprodukowania stojaka podkreśla charakter marki.