Project Description

Counter display for Mactronic Company

We had a pleasure to take part in the realization of  promotional project of Mactronic Company . Display was dedicated to the new series of TACTICAL LINE  flashlights. The goal was to create display  which highlights the military properties of the product.

The creation process

The creation process

Mactronic Company is one of the leaders on  the professional lighting market. The idea was to present the concept of a solid stand that could promote a premium flashlights. The important factor was to demonstrate how the flashlight is fixed to the military equipment.

Project planning 100%
Design 100%
Graphics 20%


Our project department prepared the main idea of display creation. The draft characterize sharp edges giving aggressive appearance.d.

3D visualization

On the draft upon  and the customer remarks project department created 3D visualization of the display. The project was refined by construction details. Visualization shows accurately the fixing method of flashlights.


Technology department arranged the accurate material and construction  documentation on base of  which display was implemented into the mass production.


While POS creation we always have been looking for most coherent factor  of the brand. We are inspiried  by shape of  materials delivered by the customer and  of the product which has to be exposed. For Mactronic display  the inspiration was LOGO.

The best result

The important was to place  flashlights description  in the visible point of display.

The hooks inclined forward  and display rear designed by the point of graphic view makes the communication  clear and grabbing attention.