Project Description

Promotional counter display
For the Winston company we designed a promotional counter display. Our task was to expose packs of cigarettes in an attractive way while maintaining the attractive form of the stand. The design had to refer to the marketing company’s shapes.


Kluczowym aspektem stojaka jest oryginalny wygląd. Design wyróżnia markę spośród innych przyciągając uwagę na podświetlane elementy. Kształt został ozdobiony orłem oraz czerwoną zakrzywioną linią, która widnieje w  kampanii promocyjnej klienta.

The stand was made on the base of thermoformed components.

In the stand we used LED backlighting

Opening PET allows   easy product replacement

 In the back of the stand a gravity system to remove the boxes has been installed

Searching for proper design
LAt the stage of searching for appropriate design the concept has been changed. However, we managed to create a design that perfectly fitted the customer‘s expectations.